Hello Fellow Gamers / Bloggers / Loyal Followers,

It has been a pretty slow month for gaming, I wish I really had more to give as far as reviews and more items to ramble about. However, a Blogger has to write always. So I have picked out a few things to talk about.

While it is true that this month has been slow for gaming, however we did have Gamescom in Cologne this month. I would love to go to this, just simply because its in Germany, it is amazing there from what I remember going there all the way back pre 9/11. Also I have family that live in Switzerland and I would love to take my little gaming cousin there from what I can gather it is only just a short trip there. Also to state the obvious it is a gaming convention!! It also open the public! Unlike E3 which is industry only granted I would have to say being to E3 is the Mecca of gaming, I have had the honor of going there once and I cannot wait to go back, hopefully through you guys :). I continue though we had some cool announcements there such a Hideo Kojima teaming up to make a Silent Hill game. I really cannot wait to see how this will develop. Take the genius of Kojima and add it to Silent Hill one of the original scares of gaming. It should be awesome, I set my expectations high on this one, because Kojima want you to

Shit your Pants

If that wasn’t enought action we had EA show off there guns with the new BioWare game Shadow Realms which is taking the same approach as Evolve (Which I considered Game of Show for E3) a 4v1 RPG, and whats even better its going to be for PC! They made some more announcement such as items for Titan Fall, and had a demo for another game I am waiting for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Then you had Microsoft with its announcements of the Halo 5: Guardian Beta and the Evolve beta that is coming out in January for Xbox One, along with some announcements for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and a whole lot of game trailers. This is just the tip of the icerberg as we still have 4 more days of information to be revealed.

Another thing I wanted to talk about because it gets me a little tweaked is these multi-platform games that are getting exclusive content for the different consoles. Talked really really briefly about this in my E3 review, however this month really it hit the fan. It started with all of these multi-platform titles that will be released having timed exclusives or exclusive content to either PlayStation or Microsoft. Originally these company’s invested in there own IPs (Intellectual Properties) and develop games exclusively for there systems. And made you attracted to these games, case and point Halo. Halo made you want to buy and Xbox because ot was only on…XBOX! Now, The powers that be are taking this new step where they still are making there own games, and instead of trying to fight for exclusivity of a franchise on a particular platform are now fighting for who can release the most content for this game on one console versus the other on games that would just be considered multi-platform games. Its really really shitty. I mean I know its supposed to drive sales for the consoles versus the competitor, but I think it pisses me off more, because as not only a gamer but a collector I gotta buy multiple copies to get different experiences for the same goddamn game. Also does not seem fair to the people who only do buy one console and don’t have the luxury of owning it and it seems really really shitty for them that they get to loose out on this experience. Prime example would be Destiny and how PlayStation is trying to make it the “definitive version” on its console, while a person who is a loyal Xbox owner cannot share this same wonderful experience. It seems like Microsoft and PlayStation really need to take a step back and think what is best for us the gaming nation and instead of making these exclusive DLCs for a multiplatform game invest in your own games and studios to really make the competition stiff and make me the gamer really want to go out and purchase your system with new ideas and franchises and game play. Let the multi-platform games be just that multi-platform games.

Lastly and hopefully everyone can be civil and keep there opinions and comments to themselves on a subject that is kinda touch right now. But I just wanted to leave it for the end and mention it because it is something that I really wanted to just, really express myself on because it really holds kinda dear to me. We lost a really amazing actor/comedian/gamer this week. I am talking about the late Robin Williams. The man was like the incarnation of nerd and funny, He loved gaming, like me he loved The Legend of Zelda, so much so he even named his daughter after the fabled princess. He even loved World of Warcraft, from what I gather he took it really seriously. It is quite a loss and I really give condolences to his friends and family for there horrific loss. I grew up watching his comedy and his movies, and later on in my life found out how much he loved gaming like I do. I am going to post here is a link for a petition to have him memorialized in a game series he loved so so much like I do. It is a petition to have his name added into the English version of the new Legend of Zelda that is being developed for Wii U, as a NPC. just as memorial to this amazingly talented man who loved the series. I know a lot of people would ask if he wasn’t famous would you even care and would you do the same thing for them? My answer…Absolutely. Any gamer who is so passionate about any game series so much, that as just a small memorial to just be some background character or NPC in a game I think developers owe it to the fans. Because it is us who make the series great and popular and continue to support it. So think link is clickable HERE for the petition and I really hope it becomes a reality. Last time I checked they only need another 24,436 signatures hopefully I can make a little contribution here on my end for someone who brought me so much joy growing up

So that about wraps up this little rambling here. I will definetely post more updates of GamesCom and my Gamer Keith Challenge. So check back often.