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What do you get when you mix the weapons of Ratchet and Clank, the open world of Grand Theft Auto, the graphical acid trip of Jet Set Radio, and the foul mouth of No More Heroes? You get Insomniacs first Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive. Now I know what some of you are thinking. Isn’t Insomniac games exclusive to Playstation? The resounding answer is not anymore!

Sunset Overdrive is an open world game plagued by a catastrophic event where a not yet released energy drink known as overcharge has caused a massive outbreak turning everyone who drinks it into a destructive addicted mutant known simply as The OD. You are the main character and originally you’re nobody picking up trash and serving food, but after the break out you turn into an ass kicking arsenal traversing the city.

Sunset overdrive is an open world game play similar to the styles of GTA, you can pick up little missions, challenges, and of course main story driven events, along with multiplayer. The mechanics are setup that of a third person shooter. The overall setup is quite generic at times with get a mission, explore the city, complete a challenge you would think it would get somewhat boring, however where Sunset Overdrive shines is completely based on movement. You will be grinding on rails, bouncing off cars, swinging dashing, and wall-running. With this in mind you are graded on your movement with a combo system that builds up a gauge which enables you to use power ups known as Amps, the higher the gauge the more amps that can be used. Stand still for too long and the gauge drains. You are constantly on the move and its combat becomes quite entertaining and rewarding. All this being said it is easy to pick up at times but takes a while to master. The weapons in the game are exactly what Insomniac is known for, everything from Exploding Teddy Bears to Bowling ball guns, freeze bombs and so much more! It is also very personalized everything from how your character looks like to how your weapons and abilities operate. As you progress the weapons and abilities you learn help progress your play style, for example if you kill a horde of OD while grinding you upgrade both your weapon and skills against killing OD, but that’s not the only enemies out there you have humans known as SCABS, and Robots from the evil corporation known as Fizco to stop you. So your constantly trying different tactics. If all this was not enough throw in a multiplayer that is co-op known as Chaos Squad that can handle up to eight people, to get unique upgrades and weapons.

Sunset Overdrive is an amazingly beautiful game, it is like Jet Set Radio but with more acid. With orange explosions to even when freezing enemies it is all aesthetically pleasing. The voice overs and references in this game are hilarious. It has everything from references to Breaking Bad, to even the most awesome of video games, luckily the game does not take it’s self seriously enough so you will get a good laugh out of the overall experience. Paired up with a great soundtrack of Punk Rock tracks makes you have that feeling of that take on the world against authority feel. Its bright colors, punk-rock influence is a never-ending barrage of awesomeness to your senses.

 Sunset Overdrive is an amazing game from an amazing studio really taking the Xbox One to new heights and genres. It is a lot of fun and it is very easy to get lost in for hours just doing random stuff. The game is visually beautiful and the references even when dying are hilarious. I give this game a 4.5 out of 5.