Hello Loyal Followers / Bloggers / Gamers :

First I just want to say I hope everyone had a very happy and productive Thanksgiving, I hope everyone had lots of food, special time with your friends and family, and of course lots of gaming!

It has been a very busy month of November, we had a lot of new games releases just in time for the Holiday season. Way to many games as a a matter of fact. So much so I am going not only broke from spending so much but I am getting overwhelmed trying to do these video reviews. Its quite the process I wish that I could just push theses out faster, but like I really said when I first started this blog a few months ago

I will have content up every day or anything, but I will do my absolute best to just pretty much just give my opinions on gaming as frequently as I can. Is this the source of all gaming Knowledge… Hell NO! Nothing for nothing there are people out there that have this information MONTHS in advanced, and I would just be reciting the same crap, it would be second hand crap from some nobody. This is just my little slice of the Huge Internet Pie, my little corner of gaming.

This is a 2 for the price of 1 article. The first part is a little update about the good ol’ Gamer Keith then I have some awesome stuff to talk about. So first I know, I haven’t posted anything for almost a month! Uggh! It was a very busy time for me and I had a lot of personal health items to really take care, I do love gaming but my health has become extremely important to me, If I do not take care of myself then I won’t be around to give you guys all this amazing content! Later on next year I will explain more about this. So needless to say I have been busy with that and also I work in Retail so its becoming the busy times it being Christmas and all. The YouTube channel is growing with my videos with not only my Loot Crate unboxings but the couple of Video Reviews I have done, and I have started a Facebook Page which can be found @ https://www.facebook.com/TheGamerKeith . So all my loyal followers please follow me at any of those place, I do appreciate it.

I digress now its time to get it on about the gaming! There were a lot of games that were released in November. We had World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, Super Smash Bros Wii U. , Little Big Planet 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, I mean honestly the list goes on. It was a huge month for gaming, and December is starting out on a pretty good High Note with Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and in a couple of days we will have the first Destiny Expansion Pack. So again I am really trying to get some reviews together for you guys, so please be patient with me :-).  Then in the beginning of December we as gamers had quite a few early presents. This first one which took me by a huge surprise was The Game Awards 2014. Geoff Keighley really did an amazing job on this new conceptualization of what was previously a horrible show from Spike that was just merchandising and if a company had enough money to throw around of course won whatever award they wanted. The one that pissed me off one year is when GOTY went to Madden. What the hell really?!? However they did a complete overall of the show and actually they did it right. They nominated actual games that gamers play, they recognized the fans and the whole community and actually brought people who knew what they were doing. What really made me happy the most is that titles that actually won awards are titles that are amazing and game oriented just not the next Call of Duty winning another award. Coupled with all this is they actually made this a mini E3 almost with announcements and world premieres. The one that got me the most would be no surprise of The Legend of Zelda new gameplay trailer. I so cannot wait to see more on this. Not only does the game look amazing visually, but the mechanic shown so far seem quite nice, especially with the horse actually not having to be to driven because you know Horse don’t want to crash either in real life, and the world of Hyrule is now massive. This has GOTY possibly GOTY for the next 5 years written all over it but this is my humble opinion. Couple that with news that Star Fox is releasing next year. Then Metal Gear Online footage, No Mans Sky. The announcements made this show. Congratulations to Nintendo on all of their wins including Developer of the year. This brought tears of joy to my face because Nintendo knocked it out of the park this year and next year is looking even more amazing.

If all this wasn’t enough then Sony who is celebrating 20 years of PlayStation had there PlayStation Experience conference which had even more announcements. The first which was trending but to hear it directly from the horses mouth is Street Fighter V is a Ps4 and PC Exclusive!! Then Uncharted 4 15 minutes of gameplay demo, the announcement of a new God of War, more No Mans Sky details and video. Then they made announcements that the PS Vita is not dead, and they are coming out with some pretty awesome PSOne classics. The hit me the hardest is the release of Suikoden I & II. Then I was punched in the face by Square Enix’s laziness of bring Final Fantasy VII to PS4 which just pisses me off because Square is going to suck this tit dry. I mean Square Enix stop it! Stop It! Enough with the re-release of Final Fantasy VII every couple of months. Don’t get me wrong I really liked VII but enoughs enough. Instead of putting time and effort into this why don’t you I don’t know make some new damn games that don’t suck! Even after this though It has just been an amazing couple of days. Gaming is looking awesome for 2015!

Be sure to check back I am going to have stuff for you guys soon, I promise! I have some treats in store for you this month!