Hello all my Fellow Bloggers / Followers / Gamers,


So this month is the month of something different, of lets throw stuff against the wall and lets see what sticks. First it was the Legend of Zelda Parody Commercial, then Evolve Review where I changed the format up.  So now its story time :

I recently had just came back in contact with a very old friend of mine, TSpr0tege. I found out that we shared a similar path and we were really trying to get into making YouTube videos and talk about gaming and lets plays and what not. So to really support the cause because anybody who shares the same passion as you whether its gaming, crafts, comics whatever they deserve support because it costs nothing to support and artist and the benefits may astound you. I digress though so I watched his channel and I saw his VLogs and I decided hey let me throw my hat into the arena and see what happens. I made my first Vlog and it really is just about me and my plan of action with this Blog with YouTube channel just with my hobby how am I going to learn and grow from everything.

I know some people are thinking I am trying to be something else but really I am just being me, I know I am not going to be PewDiePie , or Boogie2988 , or even TSpr0tege because their is only 1 of them kinda like the Highlander. I am just being me and you know what I am having a good run at it so far.

I hope everyone enjoys the video and the action plan I have in store. Please forward any ideas or your comments to thegamerkeith@gmail.com or even you can contact me on Twitter @TheGamerKeith .

Thank you all again for your support!


– Keith