Hello all my fellow bloggers / followers / & gamers,


I saw quite a few things trending this month, but the one thing I really liked was the #DearMe campaign. It was originally made for Woman’s Day and the message was positive. Give advice to your past self and hopefully someone will watch this video and identify with it and get some solace out of the video and apply its message to it. While I did not want to take away from the experience that it was mostly aimed for younger women who are going through rough times, however I really wanted to make one. My buddy¬†TSpr0tege¬†actually made one before I did and I figured why not I think I can spread some positive influence too. I am not trying to take away from the point that it is supposed to help empower younger women so I figured i was more then enough time to do it without being insensitive to the cause. So I hope that the video gets its message across that everything is gonna be alright to anyone who is in the situations that I was in and your afraid and depressed and angry at the world for giving you a bad hand. It gets better and that is what I was going for. I hope everyone gets something out of this video.