Hello all my Fellow Bloggers / Followers / Gamers,


WOW, it has been a really long time since I have done a blog post. I mean I post my videos and little updates here and there, but I have yet to actually do a blog post in a very long time. I feel as though I owe you my bloggers and followers a little bit of an explanation here.

Let’s start first with this that I have always wanted to do video stuff. Filming, editing, putting together a script or a segment. I have always loved doing it. To really lump it all together quite crudely if I may I just love media in general how you can create and bring something to life in a visual form to either tell a story, convey an opinion, or even as simply as make a complete and total ass of yourself (Trust me I do this quite often). So if I could marry some how my love for video production and video games it seemed like a match made in heaven for me.

I started this Blog almost a year ago. I was making a lot of life changes in the right direction. My first Blog post that I did I talked of my plans and what not. So I decided to break back into the industry of gaming that I love so much. I started with my written reviews and I did some video work but it was Loot Crate Unboxings. At the time I really wanted the Blog to be the main source of where all my content would be hosted. This would be my Hub for all things gaming related in my own world. So when I started way back on wordpress.com I had some followers but some of them I think were more supporting the Blogging aspect more so then the gaming aspect. I appreciated it so much because I found it quite awesome that someone found my ramblings either amusing or informative so it was quite flattering. Then as I changed so did the direction of my gaming career goals. First there was Twitch. Twitch is awesome because its combing things that I loved in Video Production, while also adding my passion for playing video games and really just putting on a show. I started being more productive on YouTube with some video reviews first one was Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One , then I started to be more comfortable in front of the camera, not so much because of shyness trust me I am not shy in the least if you really get to know me. I had other reasons… I will discuss those at a later date and time though. Then really I started to be more oriented towards YouTube and the video aspect because a lot of YouTubers are not only making money from their videos but also the industry is recognizing these people who worked hard at what they did and now pay them to promote or play there games or look to their opinions. I mean I am not gonna sit here and lie to you the money aspect seems absolutely amazing to me, and ultimately I want to turn this hobby into a job, I understand its not going to be overnight and I have to keep at it. So I really switched my focus onto YouTube and Twitch and I have been doing that I will say for at least the last couple of months. I have made a good amount of progress on it. It’s still the grind and the last couple of weeks I have been doing my best to really stay on top of it however life happens and sometimes you slack a little bit because I do have personal obligations and a Job that supports myself along with my gaming habits.

However upon reflecting over the last weeks because somethings are changing again not so much with myself but with the industry especially YouTube with the paid subscriptions and what not that I felt I kind of lost my way with my website. The website was going to be my hub of all things The Gamer Keith oriented. I really felt like I was slacking on posting content on my website. It’s no ones fault but my own. I feel like I let you the people that helped me get started and motivated to do these things behind and I wasn’t paying attention to it. So here I am now changing again… I mean this whole The Gamer Keith experience is all a trial by fire, and trying different things and experimenting and see what sticks to the wall. So I decided to do this blog post to really keep you updated on everything. I am still going to do a One-Up! video this week which I will most definetely post here. However I really am going to try to keep up with the website and switch back to the goal of this will be The Gamer Keith Hub. I will try to post some written stuff every once and a while, my main goal is still Video’s on YouTube and Twitch, but really I will outline my new plan in the One-Up video later this week.

Just know that I am still here everyone and the website is going to still be my main focus just there are many spokes in the Umbrella of my ultimate goal of getting into the gaming industry. So thank you everyone for your support over the last few months and I promise to stop neglecting the Blog, and get focused back into everything. And check out all my updated this week because gotta make up for the last 2 weeks.


– The Gamer Keith.