Hello All!

While Nintendo decided to take a different route when it comes to E3 mostly because they have been making tiny announcements with there Nintendo Direct conferences through out the year but all I can really say for Nintendo at E3 this year was WOW! What a show! I loved the Robot Chicken / Super Smash Bros introduction it was both exciting and funny! I also could not believe that it was Reggie’s 10th E3 anniversary I remember when he first took the stage and was talking about how he’s all about kicking ass and taking names, and dared to step up to Sony by telling them that there console sales were not his Problem! But I digress… Started off with Super Smash Bros, I cannot wait for this title and the fact that there are now Mii’s and the newly announced Amiibo. The fact that Nintendo is throwing their hats into the ring for the NFC figures with exclusive content to Nintendo games the skies the limit! Imagine being able to play Super Smash Bros Wii U with an ever expandable cast that you can customize your own Link with different move sets! Or even being able to put the Nintendo characters into different games. Then once the Super Smash rolled up, we were treated to the exciting Kirby’s Epic Yarn like game Yoshi’s Wooly World and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.  you had Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remakes for the 3DS with some new Mega Evolutions and a release date of this year. Then we had amazing new IPs like Splatoon that looks like the game to own on the Wii U, it is a Shooter game that really has an emphasis on fun. You play as squids the spread your ink. The main objective being that you dominate the map with your ink. This game is slated for 2015.

This is where however I go off the handle. The crown jewel in the mighty Nintendo Empire. We were treated to not only 1 new Legend of Zelda  game which is a new IP known as Hyrule Warriors, but two a new Zelda Wii U (Pending Title I assume) game play trailer!! First Hyrule Warriors, just WOW! I mean a hack and slash Zelda game like Dynasty Warriors. The title is after all made by the same team who developed Dynasty Warriors. So excited for this title, originally I thought this would be exclusive to Japan simply because Dynasty Warrior while it was a wonderful games for the PS2 weren’t exactly terribly popular here in North America. But the fact that you can actually play with not only Link but Zelda, Impa (Zelda’s bodyguard, nanny, mentor), and Midna (from Twilight Princess) will be playable characters alongside the green clad hero. What really makes this game seem so amazing is just the grand scale assaults of enemies instead of the small skirmishes you generally experience in the franchise. That and it is staying true to the series by incorporating Links arsenal of weapons other then the claimed sword such as Bombs, and even the Fire Rod. With a release of September 26th this is a title that I already have claimed into my Zelda Collection. This however was not the highlight of the announcement. The best being the Trailer for the New Legend of Zelda Wii U. Eiji Aonuma the series director and designer announced not only the style art style of this New Zelda game but that they are making  a departure from the traditional mechanics of the Zelda Franchise. He stated that it will have a different approach to meet your objectives. With a beautiful scene appearing behind him we see Hyrule, in its peace and serenity followed by an action scene where a mechanical laser wielding machine disturbs the calm and lays chase to link where Link then confronts him. There are so much speculation rumor circulating this game that 2015 can not come quick enough for this title. This will be a welcome change to the series. While if you have not guessed it The Legend of Zelda series is by far my favorite series of all time, I think a refresh is definetely needed and welcome. I think this really changed with the mechanics in a Link Between Worlds where how you approach the dungeon does not have to be so linear and that you don’t need to defeat one dungeon to conquer the next. I really cannot wait to see how this game develops with its announcement of E3 2015 and possible same year release date.

So all and all Nintendo, had a fantastic Direct Show, followed by the Nintendo Treehouse (Which I would give a 1UP life to just be on that team being the Nintendo fan boy that I am). The Treehouse special had the man himself Miyamoto on as explained new game developments one which was leaked however not was shown at the show… StarFox! The games they did show like Giant Robot and the Security camera game looked quite like the traditional MO of Nintendo but look fun none the less.

My only real thing that I really wished from Nintendo was a little more titles that would be released this year instead of a handful of titles that would be released this followed by oh expect these major titles come out in 2015 like Splatoon, Zelda and Mario Maker. But then again with Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS , Hyrule Warriors, and Pokémon Ruby Alpha and Sapphire Omega. I think Nintendo is giving us a good heap of games to expect in the coming few months. Great job guys and I cannot wait for Hyrule Warriors!!!