The first day of Conferences for E3 are done, and what a day has come from it. My predictions could not even come close what happened today, I was right on a lot of things from the conferences, but things that were revealed just at the Sony Conference alone blew me away…

Really Microsoft and Sony clearly ate there Wheaties this morning and brought there A games today. While I am not gonna go over every single announcement made I am only gonna just talk about the games that really stood out to me.

It started out with Microsoft going first. They started the show off with a bang. Honestly I am not a huge Call of Duty, or Battlefield fan so I am just gonna really not going to harp too much. I will say that CoD does look quite beautiful on a next generation console and so does Battlefield but really not my cup of tea. The games that immediately stood out, Sunset Overdrive. I am so excited for this game. Seeing actual game play and hearing more about the different weapons and game play options October 28th can not come fast enough. Transition a little bit more into the show my predictions we hear all sort of news for Halo 5: GuardiansHalo: The Master Chief Collection. While no actual game play was actually shown for Halo 5 we were treated to a gorgeous cinematic trailer so we shall what 2015 will have in store. The Master Chief Collection however is gorgeous, granted all they are just HD Remasters of all the Halo series, what really makes it stand out is the multiplayer maps and how they are beautifully rendered for the Xbox One, with extra bonus content such as Halo: Nightfall an apparent series that lead up to the events of Halo 5 and a mode that allows you to relieve certain parts of the Halo in any order of your choosing.  I could effectively just play the endings of just blowing up Halo rings one after another.  Then of course we had game play of The Witcher 3, which I have not played one or two so I really don’t have a frame of reference for them, but the game does look intriguing. Then of course Dragon Age : Inquisition , oh Dragon Age, while the Microsoft conference showed off some footage of the game it wasn’t until the EA conference that we saw actual gameplay. The game looks AMAZING! I thought the 1st and 2nd titles were phenomenal and the new one looks like already it is dressed to impress. Then they really delved into the indy development community and we saw a bunch of beautiful games of one platformer of which is going to be release this year is Ori and the Blind Forest, I cannot stress that video games are art with this platform adventure game. It’s so pretty and the gameplay looks so much fun and the character I already feel attached to that this is definitely on my list of items to buy at launch. Microsoft indeed kept there promise and it was all about the games.


The EA conference I really caught bits and pieces of, I did see the gameplay for Dragon Age, and I did see the Mass Effect concepts, all impressive. Mass Effect I know will impress because BioWare seems to have really taken the criticism of Mass Effect 3 to heart and really are listening to the fans this time around instead of being like Cliffy B and if you don’t like what I make tough shit your gonna buy it anyway approach. With the tools of the Xbox One and its new lookout I think that the development shall be quite interesting and probably at next years E3 will see so much more information regarding the title.

While I did not watch the Ubisoft Conference because I can only stand so much regurgitation of the Assassins Creed crap in one year, One game that I did watch the gameplay trailer for and really emerged from the wood work was the new IP The Division.

Then tonight when I got home from work, I turned on the PlayStation conference at exactly 9 pm (Eastern Time) I sat back and watch Sony really steal the show. If you know me and even if you read my previous entry I am not really too much of a huge PlayStation fan. We have had a strained relationship with the PS3 when pretty much they were on their high horse because of the rousing success of the PlayStation 2. Tonight however Sony really impressed the shit out of me. So much so that while it kinda pains me to say it… I think Sony had the best conference so far and maybe will have won E3 this year. The only comment, that it seemed  they had way to many technical difficulties with sound and really should have rehearsed this a bit more. Because during some of the announcements as I even said to my friend Shane it was no tension building up to the reveal it was kinda just dropped in our laps like here I am deal with it. They showed one game after another after another. The first game that really popped out at me was no not Destiny (While I will eventually play that game and will probably download the Beta and or the Alpha to test it) but the first game I saw was a title called Entwined. The game is out as of tonight for $9.99, as I write this entry I am actually downloading it and possibly write a little blurb on it tomorrow. It looks so artsy, I love artsy games. The concept is new and the game play from what I gather kind really makes you sync both of the analog sticks. Just like Ori and The Blind Forest this really shows that games are not just entertainment devices but true art in the purest of forms. Indy Games have really shined this year at E3 and Sony really displayed them proudly. Then Bam! Little Big Planet 3. I honestly did not see that coming , and the fact they added some new characters to the game made it all the sweeter, if that weren’t enough all the existing content created for the previous 2 installments will be available on Little Big Planet 3! That is over 8.7 million pieces of content with graphical upgrades. Holy Shit! Then we had one game No Man’s Sky, Sci-fi space flight other worldly travel and adventure a game that promises a different experience stating that no 2 games will over the same beginning experience. That like the universe it is ever-expanding. Then they stated in a cute little skit that surprised me was they will be remastering one of my favorite Tim Schaffer Lucas Art games Grim Fandango. Then they went on to reveal some new peripherals one of which being an AR for your broadcasting of your games which I will try out and stream when available. Then they unveiled the PlayStation TV pretty much from what i can gather from the conference is almost like a satellite PS4 / PS3 that allows you to play certain games on it and stream content via PlayStation Now. Very interesting and the fact that the hardware is pretty inexpensive I will be picking it up so I can hook it to a satellite location in my house to see how it really works. Then they unveiled Mortal Kombat X footage and talked about none other than a Ratchet and Clank Movie?! Also a remake of the original for the for the PS4 please sign me up! Then I am glad that Sony had the privilege to show off the Trailer which ironically came out last night which seemed to be the joke at the conference of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.  They then moved onto to show of Arkham Knights, two words… Bat Mobile. I will leave it at that. Then moved onto reveal Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End cinematic trailer and a tentative 2015 release date. This was just the icing on the already practically perfect cake. It is one thing I give to Sony this year was they didn’t weigh us down with a bunch of just pretty trailers like they usually do they really did have games that actually were playable and showed the true potential of the system.


This year we saw a lot of new IPs which is a breath of fresh air really because, I can only stand so much of year after year of CoD, Assassin’s Creed, and the EA sports franchises. One concept I can see quite the trend of is really the aspect of multiplayer aspects in a lot of these games. Even in games that I could have sworn would have more of a single player aspect on them they are really trying to integrate the concept of not playing games alone anymore. That and we really have stiff competition because while Cross Platform is becoming the new norm where people don’t have to be locked into one device. It seems that it is now becoming the war of content exclusives to the systems. That was the huge things in both corners. I give it to Sony on this round though because there exclusive content on some of these games that are gonna be multi platform seems quite on par. However I think this is all a ploy to drive as much revenue for these games as possible making me pretty much have to buy both copies because who knows which content is going to be better. Bullshit if you ask me but quite brilliant.

Well I am officially E3’ed out for the night it was so good watching not this petty lets show off the consoles stuff and bring it all down to the games so far. I can not wait to see what Nintendo has in store for tomorrow. All I can say is Nintendo will not disappoint me and I know after watching this they gotta bring it tomorrow.

Until then be sure to catch up on as much today as possible because this isn’t even day 1.