It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all gamer’s, no not Fall when the major titles are generally released for the Christmas rush. No! Its time for E3!( The Electronics Entertainment Expo) When all games are announced for the upcoming year and beyond! So instead of waste time and talk about E3 because in the last few year E3 has become quite popular. The conferences start Monday, and I am just putting in my two cents and predictions on what I believe will be seen at this years event, and from rumor and speculation what I believe will be unveiled what to expect and whom I believe will be the winner of the show.

Now I am not gonna go through every single game or every game aspect of the show, so I am just really gonna go for the major 3 players Nintendo , Microsoft , and then dabble a little on some major games I would like to be seen and from what I hear will be at the show this year or at least announced. So let’s get started!

This year I don’t think we really have much to worry about as far as new hardware its gonna be ALL about the games this year.


If you have read my previous post you have probably gathered I am somewhat of a Nintendo Fan boy. Its true I am the biased when it comes to Nintendo because shit I grew up with it, it’s always been there. But enough reminiscing. At Nintendo this year I think they are gonna really have an All-Star Line Up and are going to knock it out of the park again this year. Nintendo has been taking a different approach as of lately. They believe of doing a lot Press Releases every so often. This year is no different and they will be doing the Nintendo Directs for everyone to see. They are doing not only will they be at the show, but they are doing 3 directs. 1 one of which will be a Super Smash Bros. Tournament. Now I gotta be honest with you I don’t think we are gonna see a whole lot of things that will be released probably this year. I think its gonna be a majority of what Nintendo has in store. I believe we are gonna see some renews of some old Franchises and a couple of new IPs. The first of which I am very excited about Hyrule Warriors. A new take on The Legend of Zelda Franchise, a hack and slash action made by the same people who made Dynasty Warriors. This I hope makes some big waves and I am very excited to see an US release date and more gameplay footage. If this wasn’t enough Legend of Zelda goodness rumor mill is a buzz that there will be some sort of trailer and or reveal of the Legend of Zelda Wii U (Title Pending).  My real reasoning I believe this to be true because Zelda Williams will be at this Nintendo Direct as stated on her Twitter page.  Along with that we will probably see some announcement for Wii U Virtual Console Titles. The second Major hitter will be Super Smash Bros. Yes I believe at E3 we will definitely get not only more final words on a release date but more gameplay footage and possible more character reveals. But what is Nintendo without Mario! Supposedly there are strong rumors that there is gonna be some sort of  “Mario Maker“. What it is supposedly a Little Big Planet style game featuring everyone’s favorite plumber. If  that wasn’t enough we will see more on the 3Ds Pokemon Ruby Omega and Sapphire Alpha. Then if I did not mention it my friend Reggie and all the Hunters in n00b Adventures in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate would kill me for not mentoning it Monster Hunter 4! I know it’s a little presumptuous but I think they will win the Conference set.


Now Microsoft last year was all about the Xbox One hardware, this year its gonna be game focus central. With a title of the conference being Xbox: Game On I can only imagine what will be shown.  So far Halo 5: Guardians has been announced, so we shall definitely see some sort of reveal with either gameplay or new trailer, with a possible time frame window of release. Then of course we have the Halo: The Master Chief Collection the HD Xbox One collection. One game that I was actually pretty amazed to see a “game play trailer” on the Xbox Events App that I am intrigued to see more of is Sunset Overdrive a third person shooter by the legendary Insomniac Game Studio who brought us Ratchet and Clank. Of course also there will be something for Call of  Duty: Advanced Warfare. Then something for Destiny . Then of course there is Killer Instinct Season 2 and Microsoft has always had a great relationship with EA because of Peter Moore, so we will see something with the Sport compilation and Battlefield also. Other than that it has been very hush-hush, all leading up to the conference. One thing that has been circulating around is that something “unexpected” will be announced. This will be very interesting show this year and Microsoft is gonna also have an excellent excellent show.


Ok one thing that happened so far is the whole Last Guardian dilemma. Turns out that is indeed not cancelled. Now Sony I am gonna really kinda keep short. I mean PlayStation is just so recycled and there conferences are so boring. I think they will have some great games on the consoles from 3rd parties but I don’t really expect much from them right out of the conference gate. There will be and it has been somewhat confirmed that there will be a lot of games for the PS4 this year. One thing that seems to be on the tip of every Sony lovers lips is Uncharted 4 and a supposed Last of Us PS4 edition. While it is not for the PS4 one item I am quite happy about is Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix for the PS3 that Square-Enix has already announced late last week. The second item I am extremely excited for and I can only really imagine it on the PS4 even though it will be multi platform is Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain. Ooh this game. I played Ground Zero and I was so impressed with it I really can’t wait to see more of this game. I just hope my prediction is correct and it will be really shown on the PS4 more so then then XBox One. So I will really see how this develops. I think Sony like all years will be very mediocre at best.

Now for some titles that have been busing around , some rumor some confirmed titles.

Mortal Kombat X : 

WOW! A new Mortal Kombat and it looks so bad ass! Those who have not seen the trailer is a link With new consoles comes a new Mortal Kombat one of the fighting games that defined almost a generation. While some details are scarce and only a release of 2015 I can’t wait to see what is showcased for this game.


While it made technically made a debut at last year Microsoft Conference, I would love to see a new Star Wars Battlefront game because I thought the originals were awesome. With so much Star Wars fodder going around I think it would be an excellent time to release some sort of new star wars game.


This is rumored. I love FallOut. If they announce an actual title or even just a trailer, I think that will make my E3. I mean who knows where it can take place… It can be California, Maybe still in DC. You know what would be awesome location New Jersey! In my personal opinion though people would just think it business as usual in Jersey. (Insert Witty Comment)

Alien: Isolation : 

With the horrible horrible game Alien: Colonial Marines failure. This game actually looks like the Alien game we have been wanting since god knows when. It seem scary, survival horror. It also has all those nifty gizmos from the Aliens movie like the Radar. This is a title to be on the lookout for.


This is all I have for the moment. Not to beat a dead horse to death but this year is all about the games! We have the consoles so know its time for those developers to start putting out these games we have all been craving. As for game of show I have no real clear idea what is going to be game of show. It’s all what is announce in conference of the next couple of days. Then we actually have 3 days of the actual show to see these games actually being showcased. All and all I can not wait!

Check back later this week where I will definitely be doing my recap of E3 because I have the week off from work just for the occasion!! Until then Game On!!!