Alright, so here I go.

For all those who you don’t have their finger on the pulse of the YouTube gaming community, A little while back last year Nintendo ripped away all of these Videos of people playing there games or streaming there game content via the internet. They claimed it as copyright infringment and that it was diverting money away from Nintendo. So they made a lot of waves in the “Lets Play” community. Now this upset a lot of the Video Gaming Streaming community. So they banned a lot of content on YouTube. The Lets play people got pissed off and became very vocal about it.

Now, I am not super familiar with every aspect of the situation but to kinda ease the tension on the people of YouTube Lets Play community, and also with Mario Kart 8 being released ( P.S. Buy this game!!! If you have not bought this game go buy it now! If you don’t have a Wii U, buy the system and get this game.. You get the message…) Nintendo decided to release an Affiliate Program. Pretty much it would satisfy both Nintendo so they would get there cut of the millions of dollar of Ad Revenue generated by Ads on YouTube, but YouTube would get there respected cut and so on and so fourth. Now even more so the Lets Play community is still insulted and upset on the way they are being treated by Nintendo. They believe that since they are promoting there content that Nintendo should be thankful for the publicity and in fact should be paying them for playing there games on the respected YouTube gaming channels.

I would really like to be more active with the YouTube gaming community because its quite exciting. I mean I am playing the games anyway why not exhibit my skills. Some people like seeing people play games before they decide to make said purchase of games. I grew up when gaming was in its early years of gaming when it was really becoming into its own with the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and so on. I would go to my local video store and you would look at the box you see it or quite possibly read something in Nintendo Power previously and you would rent the game for the weekend. 6 out of 10 times the game was absolute and utter shit. This was before Video Game Reviews and even the Fucking Internet itself. So I had no idea what game I was renting or investing a possible weekend in or that my parents would buy for a Christmas or Birthday present. So the idea of showcasing a game off is fantastic idea!

Not to choose sides (but I will make my arguments later this my damn blog), I can see where the YouTube community is coming from. A lot of people are making a living now doing something they love, and a lot of companies compensate these players to play and promote these games, and why not? The Video Game companies make money from free promotion YouTube makes money from Ads and so does the promoter. So it beneficial. But I can see Nintendo’s point of view also, is that video game companies on the whole spend A LOT of money to develop produce package and market there games. They want there product being marketed and promoted certain way. They are concerned that they want to make as much money off there product as possible and that they be shared in such appropriate ways they seek fit.

My opinion, Nintendo is doing there thing they always have and always will. I want Nintendo to make all the money it can from any source possible because I think Nintendo has brought so much innovation and games in not only the form of hardware but software. I think there affiliate program is a great step in the right direction. I think that Nintendo is no different then dare I say Apple. Granted me and Apple have a very strained relationship but they really do make great a decent product. Nobody and I mean nobody criticizes Apple now. Everybody just lays back and accepts the same stuff. They can come out with an iPhone 6 that only adjustment is a bigger screen and possibly a slightly better camera and people would flock to that shit in MASS drones as if it were the cure for cancer. I mean everything that Apple does they charge for! You want a developer kit, you gotta pay! You want to sell your product in the APP store, you gotta pay! I think Nintendo is taking the same approach. Why shouldn’t they make money in every possible venture.

I really hope that some Nintendo Exec will get around to reading my antics and know this. The gaming community is on your side! I have always been a Nintendo fan ever since the NES and will always be. No matter what decisions they make no matter if I agree or disagree I stand behind them because I know they will continue to keep making the best product. Nintendo I would love to be part of your Affiliate program, I would gladly promote your product knowing fully that I would have to promote within your parameters and we can both make money!

That being said my opinion don’t like it sorry. I maybe a Fanboy of Nintendo but everyone shows favoritism towards something whether it is a company or product. Some people like Samsung vs. LG. Some people Like Windows vs. Apple.

Also E3 is next week, I will first give my predictions of what I believe we will see this year, and much more!

– Gamer Keith