So I decided to start another blog… Granted its 1:30 in the AM, I have to be at work in less then 8 hrs, so this is just an annoying starter post. Everyone has start somewhere. So I just slapped this shit together in about 10 minutes, and I will be tweaking it as I go and changing it and making it better.

So to start, I used to have this Website called GamerZ R It was my brain child. I really wanted to be like all these other reviewers that I have watched or read online. So I tried sooooooo hard to be like that. Eventually things did not go as well as I had hoped. I went to school… I did this, I did that. It didn’t pan out the way I wanted too. I lost control of it and it was lack of content, originality, fan base. Take your pick. I had no one to blame but myself. I was trying to be and do something that I wasn’t able to really do.

So GamerZ R We took a huge dive and became a back burner project… Eventually I turned that burner off. I became so depressed that I just stopped acknowledging my failure. I made little advancements here and there but nothing major. I also had a lot of personal problems. I honestly still do. I am slowly working to resolve them one by one. It took me over 3 years to get into a somewhat good and motivated place again. I started to really take my health seriously. and really just wanted to start having a life I wanted because not to go on preaching or be that asshole, but I supposedly only have one life to live. I spent a good 28 years being miserable, and gaming was my only outlet that made me happy.

I came to the realization that what some people say, that I can’t be someone else and I can’t compare or judge myself against others. I tried so hard with GamerZ R We to be that Angry Video Game Nerd, or that video game reviewer, or that person that would be tuned into every week. I am not that guy… I am only who I am. So I gotta do what I do best and just really be myself. I don’t really have the budget or the resources to be that person. So I am gonna start slow and be myself.

Now I am not gonna sit here and say I know everything about gaming, or how I am this super ultimate gamer. I am just a gamer… I love playing video games. Whether its an Action Adventure, FPS, RTS, RPG, any other 3 letter acronym I play it. I have a collection of last time I logged it of over 550 + games, it continues to grow pretty much every month. I have been gaming since I was 3 and playing on my Commodore 64.

The goal is to just start typing my thoughts on my gaming as I go. Eventually I will customize it more, possibly invest a little bit of money. Build an audience, or not. At least my thoughts will be out there for some troll to criticize, ridicule. or make fun of. I hope that maybe my small insight will inspire or you may find my rantings insightful or even funny. Ultimately I want to move onto bigger better things and hopefully start making some money off this and it will support my addictive gaming habit.

So Here is to a new fresh start, I am not gonna make empty promise and say how I will have content up every day or anything, but I will do my absolute best to just pretty much just give my opinions on gaming as frequently as I can. Is this the source of all gaming Knowledge… Hell NO! Nothing for nothing there are people out there that have this information MONTHS in advanced, and I would just be reciting the same crap, it would be second hand crap from some nobody. This is just my little slice of the Huge Internet Pie, my little corner of gaming.

On that note, I sign off for the night/day technically Morning here on the east. I look forward to posting more of my rantings and ravings soon.

– Keith