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Game On! With The Gamer Keith Episode 2 : DLC & MODS


Hello all my Fellow Bloggers / Followers / & Gamers,


It’s been a while since I made one of these videos, and it was about time I made another one. It’s my Game On! series where I talk about Video Games, Nerd News, and whatever really catches my attention in the previous week or weeks. With all this controversy surrounding paid content, season passes, micro transactions inside games like the new Mortal Kombat X, then with the announcement of paid MODs on Steam. I decided I need to voice my opinion on the matter. Enjoy the video I hope you find it informative and spot on. Please subscribe to More >

Video Exclusive

The Gamer Keith 1st Video Exclusive : The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Puzzle




Hello my Fellow Bloggers / Followers / Gamers,

So I promised I was gonna start producing more content, well here we go I have given you a video! First a story though. I had a pretty shitty holiday season for many reasons, more of which I will probably tell later on in my blog in life. However my 2 friends did get me some stuff to further The Gamer Keith brand. They got me a cool little Tripod to use to mount my cameras and they gave me one of the best gifts I have gotten in a while. They got me a Legend of Zelda Collector’s Puzzle. It’s so cool I can’t even begin to tell you. If that More >

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