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The Gamer Keith Challenge : 24 Hour Game Streaming for Children’s Miracle Network


Hello Loyal Followers /  Bloggers / Gamers,

If you have been following me a couple months ago I had started my Gamer Keith Challenge. It is I take on certain gaming challenges set by myself in a certain time period. While my first challenge was not as much of a success as I had initially had hoped, we must move forward and try try again. So I have signed up for the event taking place on October 25th. The event is that for 24 hrs I will be gaming non-stop (Minus the bathroom and stretch break, but I will compensate and add any time that is used for that onto the clock More >

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Am I A Biased Gaming sellout? Probably.


Hello Loyal Followers / Bloggers / Gamers,

First I want to apologize for my lack of content lately. It has been a really long month of no real major releases and I have been quite busy with a lot of personal stuff with my life, making a lot of good changes so I can thus pro long and continue to make content for YOU my lovely audience. That and last month out at work was quite busy, however not going to bore you with the small details. Just know I am still here, and happy to do so, and talking about my favorite subject gaming.

This would really be more of an update if anything but the real More >

Loot Crate Unboxing : Heroes



Hello loyal follower / gamers / and bloggers,

Well its August, and with that comes another Loot Crate! Check out my video of this months theme Heroes. Be sure to check out my channel and subscribe! More Subscribers I get the more motivated I feel to get content out



Loot Crate Villans

Loot Crate Unboxing : Villains


Well I have gone and done it. I not only signed up for Loot Crate, but received my first Loot Crate and did an unboxing video also. So going to probably be doing this every month also. Its a pretty essential nerd + gaming subscription. So check out my video here . Be sure to subscribe to my channel for future unboxings and whatever else I may decide to throw on there later on in the future.

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