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The Gamer Keith VLOG Episode 1 : Who is the Gamer Keith???



Hello all my Fellow Bloggers / Followers / Gamers,


So this month is the month of something different, of lets throw stuff against the wall and lets see what sticks. First it was the Legend of Zelda Parody Commercial, then Evolve Review where I changed the format up.  So now its story time :

I recently had just came back in contact with a very old friend of mine, TSpr0tege. I found out that we shared a similar path and we were really trying to get into making YouTube videos and talk about gaming and lets plays and what not. So to really support the cause because anybody who shares the More >

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The Gamer Keith Challenge Update # 2


Without a fairy, you’re not even a real man!

Hello loyal followers / gamers / and bloggers,

Well we have been at it for a little while now, not making as much of the progress that I had originally had hoped for, however It is now day 20. I am now 2 games down. Cross The Minish Cap is now off the list of games to finish. (Spoiler Alert) I have now not only forged the Master Sword Evil’s bane, I also brought back the Picori Blade reforging it into the 4 Swords and found the origin of  Links Cap. It’s really becoming amazing replaying these games in the order of the Hyrule Historia. I mean More >

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