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The Gamer Keith New Segment One Up Episode 1 : The Passion of the Gamer Keith


Hello all my Fellow Bloggers / Followers / Gamers,

I been reading up on how to really help promote my YouTube channel a little bit more. It said to really look into what your audience is looking for. So I really liked doing my VLOG along with my nerd news opinions. However, I wasn’t sure what was really attracting the audience to the channel. Was it my updates on my progress, or was it me doing the gaming insight on my opinions on events taking place in gaming / nerd culture. So I decided to conduct and experiment. I made two new segments to compensate for the 1 show. The first one is called More >

The Gamer Keith VLOG #5 : Kojima…KOJIMA!!!


New VLOG Check it out! Please give it a like, comment and subscribe!


The Gamer Keith VLOG#4: Nintendo…A New Hope?


Hello all my Fellow Bloggers / Follower/ Gamers,

Here is Episode 4 of my VLOG series (Name Pending) . Lots of updates! I talk about Nintendo and there announcements, and Pixels the Movie. Please watch!


The Gamer Keith VLOG #2 : The Final Frontier



Hello all my Fellow Bloggers / Followers / Gamers,


I had a lot of positive feedback from my first VLOG that I did a week ago. So I decided to do another one I really like how this one came out and so far its gotten decent reception from YouTube. So I am not going to bore you with the small details, but check out my 2nd VLOG. I am definetely gonna make this a regular program on this site and YouTube! Thank you all again for your feedback and please email with any of your ideas for the next VLOG or even an idea for another program to film!


Hope you all enjoy More >

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