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2014 : A Gaming year in review


Hello Loyal Followers / Bloggers / & Gamers ,

Well it has been an a riveting year for games this year, it has also been a tough year for the gaming community. 2014 is literally ending tomorrow evening and the new year of 2015 is starting. In this post I am just going to review some of the more interesting highlights to me for the year of 2014. I may not hit on exactly every single note because lets face it come November the market was so over run with new releases that we all felt the pain in our wallets, and it is what really stood out for the year was the title after title after title More >

Entwined (Start Screen)

Entwined (PS4) Review


Entwined a PS4 game designed by pixel studio trying to follow in the same style like such wonderful Journey, flOw, and Flower.  I originally found out about this game during the E3 PlayStation Press Conference. When I first was introduced to this game I thought to myself, this is what really defines why game are really considered art.  This game is really aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Needless to say I downloaded this game no more then an hour after its initial announcement. It was only $9.99 I figured why not the game is beautiful and the concept seemed interesting.

The premise of the More >

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